Who is who

Hans Ouwersloot - tournament director

Two time participant Hans Ouwersloot joined the organization committee after the 2008 edition. He immediately assumed the vacant position of director, bearing final responsibility for the tournament. Hans is also responsible for the marketing of the tournament. He is an active player and also for his club he has taken a executive function, as competition leader. In everyday life, Hans is senior policy advisor at Maastricht University.

Ashraf Ibrahim – sponsoring

Ashraf is one of the founding fathers of the Limburg Open. His internal drive is to improve the level of chess playing in Limburg in general. His experience as a consultant and interim manager, and his network in corporate Limburg are very helpful in making the CIS-Group Limburg Open successful. In the early days of the tournament Ashraf was tournament director, now he focuses on sponsoring and financial planning. But his knowledge of the tournament and its history are large, and he remains a key player in the organization.

Bert Smeets - secretary

Bert is new in the organising committee for the Limburg Open since december 2013. He has taken the position of secretary of the organisation. He has broad experience as a manager and an organiser in chess; he was president of the chess club Voerendaal for many years and is now secretary of that club. Bert was also co-organisor of the provincial chess championships in 2001, which was then the official championship of the Limburg chess federation

Jasper Zilverberg – treasurer

Jasper joined the organizing committee in 2009. Previous years it was his task to contract titled players and taking care of accommodations. Since the 2014 tournament he is the treasurer of the organisation. Jasper has a degree in Economics which he stuydied at Maastricht University.

Raoul Lemmen - title holders and accomodation

Raoul Lemmen is also new to the organising committee of the Limburg Open. Raoul has been a well know chess player in the province for many years and was the founding father of the "Hogeschool Zuyd Tournament", the open chess championship of his old school. It is his responsibility to contact title holdes and make arrangements for accomodation.

René Coenjaerts – website and registration

René is responsible for the website and the registration procedures. Next to that, René has proposed numerous ideas, big and small to improve the tournament. He also joined the committee in 2009 and especially in the areas of web design, web management and registrations he has implemented many of the ideas he proposed. His organizational talent, commitment, and loyalty are witnessed by him being awarded an honorary membership of his chess club Schaesberg. Since 2012 he is president of that club. René is historian.

Eric Roosendaal, Luc Cornet and Eric Barentsen - arbiters

The team of arbiters consists of four experienced arbiters, each of them with an impressive resume. Chief arbiter is Eric Roosendaal, international arbiter (IA). Luc is IA as well, and Eric Barentsen is an expert in pairing systems. Luc is well known in the Belgian chess scene; he is closely involved in marketing the tournament in his home country.

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