8th BPB Limburg Open

Maastricht, 6 till 9 June 2014 (Whitsunday weekend)

Please note! The maximum amount of participants is capped to 400.

27 May 2014

Normally this is the place to announce only good news for the tournament. And we have some good news for you. As lots of players seem to find their way to the picturesque city of Maastricht we can guarantee you that this years’ edition of the BPB Limburg Open will be a top edition. And when the weather of last weekend will return (it always is sunny at Whit-sun Weekend) there is nothing that can go wrong anymore. But… due to all the subscriptions we are obliged to cap our tournament to a maximum of 400 participants. Even when we would like to welcome every interested chess friend this is the only way to offer all our participants the maximum of chess pleasure. So if you want to participate, please don’t wait too long anymore and subscribe. First come first served.

Emanuel Berg will participate, aiming for 8 out of 8

17 May 2014

Insiders were probably already waiting for the news: We can confirm that Grandmaster Emanuel Berg will participate in the BPB Limburg Open again. As he played from the first edition on it’s fair to say that he is valued as a real friend of the tournament. From his 7 previous participations he won the tournament in 2009. Not only we as organisation are most happy to see Emanuel back every year, the other way around as quite true as well: “What I find special with the Limburg Open Tournament is a great team of organizers always doing an excellent job and giving their outermost to secure a successful event. Having played in the Tournament for seven years so far I got to know them all very well and I′m really impressed with the development of the Tournament over the years attracting many strong GM’s from around the globe.” Some nice words of the Swedish GM underscored by the fact that adding to his loyal participation he also brings some Swedish friends to the tournament on a regular base.

Side events 2014

12 May 2014

In 2014 the organisation of the BPB Limburg Open offers the participants two excursions to Maastricht and her surroundings. One excursion is a guided tour through the ancient city centre of Maastricht. The other is a walk over Mount St. Peter with its beautiful nature. For a both excursions we ask a small financial contribution including transportation to and from the playing venue. Both excursions will be made if there are enough participants. If you are interested please send an e-mail to info@limburgopen.nl or contact us during the tournament.

Erwin and Alina L’Ami headliners for the BPB Limburg Open 2014

4 May 2014

With quite some pride we can announce the participation of GM Erwin L’Ami and his wife WGM Alina L’Ami for the BPB Limburg Open in the picturesque city of Maastricht. Erwin has been a permanent member of the Dutch Olympiad squad for quite a while and participated several times in the A-group of the prestigious Tata Steel as well. Last year he was there as well, but this time as commentator instead of participant. Quite a nice combination as well. Mean whilst Erwin boosted his rating to a personal record of 2651, which makes him exactly no. 100 in the list of best active chess players in the world.

And that’s not everything, as Erwin’s wife Alina will come to play in Maastricht as well. The Rumanian based WGM Alina L’Ami is making her way to the international top chess level as well recently. Having a rating around 2370 for years, but last spring she finally managed to break through the psychological 2400-barrier, meaning that she will be recognized officially as International Master by the next FIDE congress. This doesn’t mean that she stopped gaining rating points now as, with a rating of 2415 already, she still needs to claim the 29 points she won when winning the tournament of Barbados with 9,5 out of 10. All male participants in the A-group are warned by these facts, not in the least her husband Erwin himself.

Martijn Dambacher participates again!

23 April 2014

Martijn Dambacher, six times champion of the province of Limburg, confirmed his participation for the BPB Limburg Open 2014. The organisation is pleased to welcome a strong chess player like Martijn, especially as he scored his fourth grandmaster norm just last week. This means he will be, after the legendary GM Paul van der Sterren, the second Grandmaster ever in the province of Limburg. For this tournament Dambacher will still play as IM as his title only will be confirmed by the FIDE at the end of this summer. Still we expect lots of games on grandmaster level by Martijn as he shows his skills on this high level for quite a while now. Including Martijn Dambacher already 15 titled players have made the choice to participate in the BPB Limburg Open and the expectation is that we can expect quite some more.

Alexandr Fier returns, aiming for his 2nd Limburg Open win

5 April 2014

The energetic Brazilian Grandmaster Alexandr Fier has confirmed his participation for the BPB Limburg Open 2014.
Fier, or “No fear” as he is called by his peers, is known for his active and dynamic chess, never avoiding complications.
One of the best examples for his style of play was his draw against top player Michael Adams, a game which rightly won the prize for most interesting game of the tournament and instantly made history as “the pearl of Gibraltar”.

Along with Alexandr Fier, his girlfriend WGM Nino Maisuradze will participate in the A-group as well. She is also building up quite the chess career, including gaining the French national chess title last year.

IM Mher Hovhanisian in challenge for Limburg Open title again

2 April 2014

The tournament organisation is happy to announce that the multiple winner of the Belgian Championship, Mher Hovhanisian, will play at the BPB Limburg Open. Last year Mher ended as the shared tournament winner, while this year he elevated his rating to an all-time personal high of 2521. As he scored his second GM norm recently in Minsk it must be only a matter of time before the Belgian Armenian IM will gain his Grandmaster title. Given all this he is a more than welcome addition to the players field and an important outsider for the tournament win.

Daniel Hausrath brings total confirmed grandmasters to three

22 March 2014

Reigning champion of Limburg GM Daniel Hausrath, known as a prominent member of SV Voerendaal, the team that won the Dutch title in 2012, has confirmed his participation to the BPB Limburg Open. Daniel has been a player of GM strength for years. Last August he finally claimed the title by a strong performance in the prestigious Biel Chess Festival. With Hausrath we have have three grandmasters on a total of seven titled players already on our participants list. As it is till almost three months to the tournament the expectation is that this field only will grow, both in quantity as on quality.

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