Prizes 2014

The total amount of prizes is € 10,000.-.

Group A Group B Group C
1 2250 500 300
2 1500 300 200
3 1000 200 150
4 600 150 100
5 350 100 75
6 200 75 50
7 125 50 25
8 100 25 25

Extra prizes

Provincial champion of Limburg 250
2nd Place Championships of Limburg 150
3rd Place Championships of Limburg 75
Provincial senior champion 100
2nd Place senior championships of Limburg 50
3rd Place senior championships of Limburg 25
Veteran group winner 100
2nd Place veteran group 50
3rd Place veteran group 25
Best female player of Limburg 50
Lady prize* 200

Besides these there are junior prizes, a brilliance prize and a team prize.

All prizes are in euros.

Junior prizes are meant for people born in 1996 or after. The prices for provincial champions are only available for members of the Limburg Chess Association (LiSB). The highest ranking LiSB member in the veteran group is provincial veteran champion. The senior prizes are available for LiSB members that were born in 1962 or earlier and that do not play in the veteran group.

A team prize is available for the team with the highest Total score. A team consists of four players of the same chess club. The scores of these players will be added up, irrespective of the group (excluding the veterans group). Teams have to be composed and made known to the organization before the start of round 2 (Saturday, May 26, 11:00).

* The lady prize will only be awarded if there are at least 4 female players in group A

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