Tournament information

General information

The tournament will played in four groups. Groups A, B, and C will play 7 rounds according to the Swiss system. The veteran group will play 5 rounds. In group A accelerated pairings might be applied.
Group A is open for players with ELO rating of 2000 or more.
Group B is open for players with ELO rating of 2050 or less, but more than 1700.
Group C is open for players with ELO rating of less than 1750.
The veteran group is open for players born in 1955 or earlier (at least 6 players are required).
Obviously, players of this age may also choose to play in the A, B, or C group.

Players with a rating in the overlapping ranges may choose in which group they want to play.

The tournament organizers may decide to place a player in another group than his or her rating would demand. The tournament regulations will be published on the website, at least four weeks before the start of the tournament.


The tournament will take place in Sporthal de Geusselt (see: Venue). We will also provide you with information about accommodation that can be booked.


In the groups A, B, and C it will be possible to take a free round (bye) in any of the first four rounds. This has to be indicated before the start of the tournament. It is possible to indicate a bye on the registration form. It is not possible to take a bye in the veteran group.

Rate of play

For all groups rate of play is 40 moves in 2 hours, plus 30 minutes extra for the remainder of the game.


Results of the groups A and B will be send to FIDE, KNSB, and DSB for inclusion in their respective rating systems. The results of the C group will be send to KNSB and DSB for inclusion in the rating systems. The results of the veteran group will be send to the KNSB, for inclusion in their rating system.


To register for the tournament please use the online registration form which you can find under 'Register'. For more information on the registration procedure please send an email to or contact Ferry Gerard.

Phone number: +31 (0) 6-42 81 97 02

Online registration is possible until 20 May. After 20 May registration is only possible at the playing venue.
If you register on 22 May in the playing venu the entry fee will be increased by € 5,-. This measure was taken to ease the start of the tournament.

Entry fee

The entry fee is:

Group A: € 35.-
Group B: € 30.-
Group C: € 30.-
Veteran group: € 30.-

Members of the Limburg Chess Federation (LiSB) get a € 5 reduction on the entry fee (also for the veteran group).

GM / IM / WGM free.

The entry fee has to be credited to our bank account before 18 May. Payments after this date, including payment at the venue, will lead to an additional € 5.- to cover administrative costs. Registration at the venue (on 22 May) will also lead to an extra € 5,- increase in the registration fee.

Bank payment can be made to our bank account:

Name: "Stichting Limburg Chess Events "
Bank: ABN Amro Bank
Town: Maastricht
IBAN: NL98ABNA0464882354
Please always mention your first and last names!

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