Bauer hunting for prizes again

Thursday 15 February 2018
Christian Bauer (2634) will join the 12th BPB Limburg Open again to compete for the tournament victory. Since 2015, GM Bauer is a regular visitor at the tournament and he experienced that 3rd time is the right time by winning the tournament, along with Roeland Pruijssers and Matthew Sadler. He scored an equal amount of match points, but missed the official tournament victory by only 1 TPR-point. This year, Bauer is determined to finish the BPB Limburg Open as a single winner.

GM Pruijssers to defend title on BPB Limburg Open

Wednesday 14 February 2018
GM Roeland Pruijssers (2523) will defend his title at the BPB Limburg Open 2018. The Dutchman snatched victory last year with the tiniest margin possible. Having a TPR of 2700, he beat French Christian Bauer and English Matthew Sadler with 1 and 15 points TPR respectively, while all three managed to score 6/7.

Registration opened for BPB Limburg Open 2018!

Saturday 3 February 2018
Registration for the BPB Limburg Open has started! We would like to welcome you from 18 to 21 May in the new De Geusselt Sports Hall in the beautiful town of Maastricht. You can now register via the online enrollment form (see Enrollment in the menu).

BPB Limburg Open 2018

Saturday 13 January 2018
The organization of the BPB Limburg Open wishes you a very happy new year. Now the year has kicked off well, it’s time to fill all agendas, holiday schedules and chess tournaments. Of course the BPB Limburg Open 2018 should be included in your schedule! So please lock the weekend of May 18th – 21st in your agenda, because these are the dates of our beautiful tournament.


Monday 5 June 2017
After an exciting last round, Pruijssers beat Koen Leenhout and finished 6/7. The same number of points were gathered by French Christian Bauer and English Matthew Sadler, but their TPR was slightly lower.